Pre-Law at Virginia Tech

Pre-Law Advising at Virginia Tech

Dr. Wayne Moore is associate professor of political science and University pre-law advisor. You may contact him, along with others listed below, for information and advice to help you decide whether to pursue a legal career, how to prepare for law school, the application and admissions processes, available courses of study, and related matters. Please review the general information and advice at this website before contacting Dr. Moore with your specific questions, for additional information, or for other pre-law advice. Dr. Moore's office is 505 Major Williams Hall, and you may reach him by e-mail at

You may also wish to contact other faculty members and career, professional, and academic advisors. For example, Prof. Jason Malone advises students within the College of Business. Pre-law students who wish to major in English may contact Dr. Ashley Reed. James Steiner is the contact person for information about courses and law-related curricula offered by the College of Science. Jennifer Friedel is available to assist students in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. All of the preceding individuals may be able to direct you to additional persons who may also be able to assist you; and others at Career and Professional Development are available to assist pre-law students with their resumes and personal statements while also providing basic information about how to apply to law schools. For information about particular courses of study, please contact academic and career advisors within your college and major.