Pre-Law at Virginia Tech


This website has been prepared by the University pre-law advisors to provide general information on pre-law studies at Virginia Tech, along with cross-references to sources that prospective students, enrolled students, and alumni/ae of Virginia Tech may wish to consult.

This site does not eliminate the need for personal consultation.  Thus, we encourage you to take advantage of various resources that are available, including the services of academic and career counselors.  In that connection, we strongly recommend that you not rely too heavily on any one source of information - including this site or a single advisor.  Also, please review the various sections of this website before meeting with a pre-law advisor.

  • Is Law For Me?
  • Preparation
  • Applying
  • After Acceptance
  • Law Societies

Are you trying to decide whether to pursue a legal career? If you follow the "Is Law for Me?" link in the navigation bar above, you'll find a number of resources to help guide you in making this important decision. Going to law school is a big investment of time and money. It's best to make the choice with eyes wide open.

Wondering what to do to prepare for law school? Deciding if now is the right time for you to go? Visit the "Preparing for Law School" page to learn more. There you'll find suggestions on skills to build, courses to take, and advice on when to get the ball rolling on the law school application process. But make sure to give serious thought to whether a law career is right for you before you jump into the preparation.

Don't know what the LSAT is? Trying to figure out what the Credential Assembly Service (CAS) does? Need some advice on gathering recommendation letters or writing personal statements? Can't decide where to go? On the "Applying to Law School" page, you can find an overview of the application process. There are also helpful links to point you to other valuable resources as you navigate the sometimes bewildering path to matriculation as a law student.

You've been accepted by one or more law schools! Congratulations! Now you have to decide whether to make a deposit to hold a seat. What if you are still waiting to hear from some schools, including your top choice? Visit the "I've Been Accepted!" page for some helpful advice. You'll also find some tips on paying for law school.

PAD CrestPhi Alpha Delta is an international law fraternity with a pre-law chapter at Virginia Tech. Membership is open to all VT students interested in learning more about a career in law. Visit the Law Societies page here on our site to learn more about PAD and other on campus pre-law societies.